How KOPE helps you specify the right products for your projects

As a specifier, you know that the right products can make a big difference to the success of your projects. KOPE is a construction technology platform that can help you choose the right products for your projects so that you can achieve your goals.

As a designer, we help you understand how your design decisions impact constructability when using Offsite Construction principles and products.

As a contractor, we help you save time and money, make more informed decisions, build better relationships with suppliers, and ensure that your projects meet the latest industry standards.

As a cost consultant, KOPE helps you save time and money, make more informed decisions by supplementing existing cost-based processes with true take-off, leveraging product and project information.

Your journey

Find the right suppliers

Finding the right suppliers for a construction project can be a time-consuming and challenging process. KOPE provides a single platform where you can search the entire offsite sector and compare different businesses.

We also provide a common data structure, so you can easily compare similar products and make informed decisions. This saves you time and money, and helps you make better decisions about your suppliers.

Your supply chain

Managing a supply chain for a construction project can be complex and difficult. With KOPE, you can manage your supply chain from end to end. We make it easy to connect and communicate with suppliers and get the information you need, when you need it. This streamlines your supply chain, reduces costs, and improves efficiency.

Project goals and targets

It can be difficult to determine the right products for your project based on your specific goals and targets. KOPE is a product-driven platform, which means that you can find the right solutions for your projects based on criteria such as performance specification, logistical challenges, carbon impacts, and cost implications.

This helps you make better decisions about the products you use in your projects and achieve your desired outcomes.

True digital products

The data in our industry is often siloed, fragmented, and out of date. This makes it difficult to find the right products for your projects. KOPE provides true digital products.

These products hold the right level of geometry and data for use in your projects. They are always driven by the manufacturing rules that dictate what you can specify, procure, and assemble in your buildings. This ensures that the products you use in your projects are accurate, up-to-date, and compliant with manufacturing rules.

Apply products to projects

Typically, BIM content libraries are often simplistic and do not reflect the specific products that are used in real-world projects. KOPE takes a different approach. We work hand-in-hand with manufacturers to capture the logic behind their systems, which lets us do the hard work for your projects in real-time.

Simply load your project, choose your construction products, and hit APPLY - KOPE takes care of the rest! This saves you time and effort, and ensures that your projects are accurate and up-to-date.

Test and compare

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to building. KOPE lets you test and compare different products to see which ones are right for your project. You can also use our dashboards to track your progress and see how your project is performing.

This helps you make informed decisions about the products you use in your projects and ensures that you are getting the best possible results.

Optimise and achieve

KOPE leverages simple-to-use dashboards to give you insights into the information that will help you make informed decisions. These insights might be based around the carbon impact of one product compared against another.

As you explore these metrics, you can work safely in the knowledge that KOPE offers an ability to optimise against those chosen project goals. Projects always have competing aspirations, and you can now explore them in tandem based on real data. This helps you achieve your project goals and deliver the best possible results.

Connect to supplier data

As you make those all-important decisions and progress with your delivery, KOPE connects you directly to important supplier information, such as shop drawings, data sheets, and dynamic costs.

Our platform removes the time spent articulating these decisions and leverages expected outcomes such as typical details and product requirements while saving you weeks of complex manual work. This ensures that you have access to all the information you need when you need it, and helps you streamline your project delivery process.

Advance your process

If you don't find your preferred suppliers within the KOPE system, we can work with you to digitise your supply chain. This opens up a world of possibilities for your projects and gives you customised insights into what matters most to your organisation.

This helps you take your project delivery to the next level and achieve even better results.

Benefits for specifiers

Access the right products for your project needs

Organise and manage your trusted supply chains

Instantly analyse and compare solutions for your projects

Get feedback on cost and carbon metrics

Design and procure based on real product insights

Find the right suppliers for your project needs

Learn about supplier’s certifications and experience

Organise suppliers into supply chains

Interact with products to understand capabilities

Customer testimonials

Lindsey Rem
Vice President Innovation - Barton Malow

"We cannot keep designing and building the way we do now. There isn’t enough labor, it generates too much waste and CO2, supply chains are broken, it is too expensive and on and on. The current process of designing a building, bidding it out and then figuring out if it can actually be built (should not) survive. KOPE’s “products into projects” is the future.  Design from the start with products that you know are constructable, that you know you can procure, and that are manufactured offsite requiring less skilled labor and with less environmental impact."

Tom Cox
Technical and Development Director - Saint Gobain

"The KOPE construction platform has the potential to unlock the power of data in a sector which has to date found it hard to implement the benefits and learnings seen in other sectors. KOPE could provide an alternative platform which enables construction thinking to become circular, unlocking the ability to develop, learn and improve the way we design, manufacture, deliver, operate and ultimately recycle the built environment, creating a sustainable and efficient sector moving forward."

Lindsey Rem
Vice President Innovation - Barton Malow

"KOPE has been a game changer for Barton Malow’s LIFTbuild.  A process that took 6 weeks to complete can now be completed in a day and instead of one design option we can present several. With KOPE, LIFTbuild not only transforms the building process but the conceptual design and estimating process.  And we have only begun, there is so much more we can do to not just improve the time for conceptual design but for the entire design and procurement process."

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