Case Study
July 21, 2023

KOPE and LIFTbuild

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LIFTbuild, one of the Barton Malow group companies, specialises in a vertical-manufacturing, assembly process for multi-storey buildings.

Whilst a truly innovative approach to construction, KOPE Construct supported Barton Malow to increase the speed of decision making to support project viability project viability.

What we did

LIFTbuild, a Barton Malow company, pioneered an innovative vertical manufacturing and assembly process for multi-story buildings. While transformative, initial feasibility studies were time-intensive. KOPE Construct partnered with LIFTbuild to optimise their system by encoding it for automation and real-time estimation against project goals.

Now LIFTbuild iterates designs in days instead of weeks. They evaluate multiple options versus one, with accurate costs provided instantly. This boost in speed and accuracy builds client confidence in the construction process, leading to LIFTbuild's inclusion on several major projects.

Assembly efficiency has increased while variability in delivery has decreased. By optimising LIFTbuild's system with automation and real-time analytics, KOPE Construct has helped transform feasibility studies from a barrier to innovation into a driver of growth. This has opened new doors while positioning LIFTbuild for continued success.

Lindsey Rem - KOPE has been a game changer for Barton Malow’s LIFTbuild.  A process that took 6 weeks to complete can now be completed in a day and instead of one design option we can present several. 


By using KOPE Construct the client was able to increase the speed and accuracy of early-stage feasibility studies. LIFTbuild were able to build confidence into their construction process with clients, ensuring its inclusion in several projects, increasing assembly efficiency, and minimising variability in the delivery process.