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Our values


Innovation is essential for transforming the construction industry. We are constantly looking for new and better ways to build things, and we are not afraid to take risks and try new things. Creativity and innovation are key to our success, and we encourage everyone to bring their unique perspectives and ideas to the table.


A team of experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the construction industry is always willing to help each other out. We are always looking for creative solutions to problems. We believe that our people are our greatest asset, and we are committed to working together wisely to achieve our goals.


True change in construction is possible if we set high goals for ourselves and our clients. We are always striving to be better than we were yesterday. Our aspirations drive us to achieve great things, and we are committed to never settling for less than our best.


Work should be enjoyable. We create a positive and supportive work environment where everyone can thrive. We value creativity and encourage everyone to bring their unique personalities to work. Having fun is essential for productivity and creativity, and we make sure to create opportunities for everyone to relax and have fun together.


We are always asking questions and seeking new knowledge. We are open to new ideas and ways of doing things. Curiosity is the key to innovation, and we are committed to learning and growing. We are always looking for ways to improve our business.

Our team

Natasha Garland

HR People Manager

Huey Ing Low

Computational Specialist

Hadley Davies

Full Stack Developer

Roberto Valentini

Computational Specialist

David Flynn

Co-Founder and COO

Oliver Green

Product Manager

Ashton Barrett

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Ashwin Abraham Mukkaranath

Computational Specialist

Marco Antinori

Visualisation Lead

Ben Robinson

Computational Specialist

Peter Shovlin


Sylvester Knudsen

Product Owner and Software Developer

Rich Plastow

Front-End Developer

Edward Chaplin

BIM Coordinator

Dayle Zielentino

Product Manager

Simon Thompson

Engineering Manager

Necdet Yaz Özkan

Computational Specialist

Rachel Gimbert

Head of Operations

Mark Thorley

Co-Founder and CEO

Jon Arnott


Gianluca Zito

Visualisation Specialist

Alvaro Ortega-Pickmans

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Amy Brown

Executive Assistant

Tara Faulkner

Digital Marketing Designer

Garyfallia Papoutsi

Computational Specialist

Omkar Bhagwat

Computational Specialist

Julian Venczel

Computational Specialist

Ola Barecka

Front-end Developer

Chirag Sawjani

Senior Software Engineer

Radu Gidei

Co-Founder and CTO

Pete Warner

Senior Software Developer

Antonio Rodriguez Vazquez

Product Manager

Martin Stacey

Software Developer

Charlotte Garrett

DfMA Lead

Allister Lewis

BIM Manager

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