Your platform for Offsite construction

Instantly apply real world prefabricated products directly to digital design projects. Estimate take-offs and costs in seconds, automate product placement and deliverables, whilst reducing expensive rework.

KOPE is the only purpose-built software platform for Offsite construction.

It gives you data you need to make critical design decisions at the start of projects, reducing expensive rework further down the line and giving you accurate costs in minutes.

Whether you want to see your products procured more often or integrate Offsite products and systems into your projects, KOPE is your key to a more efficient, considered future in construction.

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Increase Speed & Quality

Integrate offsite solutions early in design to achieve higher quality buildings, whilst shortening construction timelines.

Save Costs

Streamline design workflows and reduce on-site labor to realise significant cost savings throughout the construction project lifecycle.

Improve Sustainability

Optimise designs to promote better material use and a reduction in on-site waste, contributing to lower carbon emissions and a more environmentally-friendly construction process.

Making Offsite construction a practical reality

For Suppliers of Offsite products and systems

KOPE helps you supply your products to any construction project.

For Specifiers looking to find Offsite products and systems

KOPE helps you discover the right products for your projects.

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