KOPE is the only purpose-built software platform for Offsite construction. We’re transforming how buildings are designed and constructed.

With KOPE, designers and suppliers instantly apply real-world products into digital design models.  

Whether you want to see your products specified and procured more often, or integrate Offsite products and systems into your projects, KOPE is your key to a more efficient, considered future in construction.

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Making Offsite construction a practical reality.

Empowering companies to adopt Offsite Construction

KOPE Construct enables you to easily adopt and benefit from offsite construction. This is done through a platform where you can digitally integrate prefabricated products and systems directly within your projects. Thus, saving considerable time and effort when designing and pricing buildings.

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Connecting the best of the Offsite Construction Industry

KOPE Market provides a hub for builders, suppliers, and consultants to connect and collaborate. It allows these key players to share information, learn from each other, and identify new opportunities. Additionally, it provides a forum for showcasing the positive outcomes achieved by high quality projects and products.

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