Case Study
July 21, 2023

Opening the Offsite Market

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KOPE and Cast Consultancy worked together to develop a free, open, and searchable database of offsite construction across the UK. The goal was to showcase the successful outcomes of offsite or Modern Methods of Construction projects, interconnected data is reliable, and geolocated to help users make the most of this emerging market.

What we did

The KOPE Market started as an internal research project at KOPE. The company spent a month building a large database of interconnected data to help them better understand the history, relationships, and complexities of the offsite construction sector. Not long after creating the database, KOPE began showing it to industry partners and word began to spread; KOPE started receiving questions and requests about the data, which made them realise it could be a valuable resource for the construction industry.

Typically, construction firms build their own proprietary supply chains, which are often kept confidential - however, firms may be missing opportunities to connect with suitable suppliers. KOPE decided it would be worthwhile to experiment with bringing radical transparency to the emerging offsite construction sector. Working alongside their partner Cast Consultancy, KOPE developed the original vision for the KOPE Market. The goal was to bring together suppliers and specifiers onto a common platform to help them find and connect with each other. KOPE removed all costs and barriers to entry, making all the data open access - a "Google for offsite construction".


Word of mouth has helped spread the KOPE Market, which is now widely known across our sector. We've worked with almost two hundred organisations to verify their information, and grant them access to log in and update their pages.

As the market evolves, we're planning further improvements to grant our industry access to the data it needs.

If you haven't already signed up, consider doing so - market registration and participation is included with your free KOPE account!