Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)

Including tilt up timber and pre-cast timber panels


KOPE instantly applies real-world CLT products directly to digital design projects using manufacturer’s own product rules

Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)

CLT is a strong, durable and sustainable alternative to concrete and steel in building construction. It is used in everything from walls and floors to entire building structures.

Including tilt up timber and pre-cast timber panels.

Layered lumber boards stacked in perpendicular directions and bonded together.

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KOPE allows Designers and Suppliers to connect and collaborate on live projects in multiple countries around the world.

Making Offsite Construction a practical reality.

Precise project scoping

KOPE reads Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) flooring product rules and calculates how many panels are needed.

Optimise for your goals

Prioritise the variables that help you meet your targets.

Instant configuration

Change dimensions, components and strategy to find the best fit for your project.

Automate deliverables

Review and sign-off your Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) in popular file formats, including RVT.


Faster tender response

75% reduction in time to respond to a tender using a kit of products.


Cut design time

Produce a full pack of 100+ fabrication-level detail drawings in under 5 minutes.


Increased accuracy

90% accuracy of tender pricing responses based on products ran on KOPE.

How KOPE helps get your products into projects

Test real Offsite products. Instantly

Accurately apply and quickly test multiple real-world product options in your designs, optimizing them to meet project needs. For suppliers, integrate your products into specifiers’ models to validate performance, receive feedback, and identify improvements.

Explore the Offsite industry

Construct verified supply chains for early engagement and insights into physical Offsite solutions, deployable across multiple projects. Simultaneously, navigate the Offsite landscape with a comprehensive database to compare costs, specifications, and availability, for the best product selection.

Get more eyes on your products

Make your products visible to more specifiers for increased interactions, helping you scale your business and improve your catalogue. Quickly and confidently respond to tender requests with greater certainty and build a consistent pipeline that adheres to your processes.

Data-driven analysis and product interaction

Make informed decisions by analyzing and comparing metrics like costs, quantities, and ESG values. Interact with construction products to understand Offsite solutions' capabilities, assess feasibility, and identify potential risks for better decision-making.

Automate document creation

Quickly and easily configure templates with powerful customization to allow rapid automation of consistent documentation, such as advanced schedules and drawing sets for tender and procurement.

Showcase your Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) products

Use KOPE to make your company and products more visible to the industry


Product Comparison and a Kit of Parts approach

Automate and optimise the application of external framed timber wall cassettes into digital design models through KOPE Construct.

Explore Suppliers on KOPE

KOPE allows Designers and Suppliers to connect and collaborate on live projects in multiple countries around the world.