Case Study
July 21, 2023

Automation for a Modular Housing Company

Example H2


Beattie Passive, a leading provider of modular housing solutions, sought to improve and innovate the manual workflows in their design process. Through a partnership with KOPE, their Architectural Technicians now have their own Revit toolbar and are no longer slowed down with manual workflows. KOPE created a tool that creates views and drawings, dimensioning, tag creation, and item quantification in Revit. Beattie Passive Automation Tools was created to revolutionise their workflow, minimise manual tasks, reduce human errors, and improve productivity.

What We Did

BP Automation Tools was specifically designed to cater to the needs of Beattie Passive as a modular housing provider. The plugin provided a user-friendly toolbar that automated their manual tasks, such as generating unique references, automated drawing creation, dimensioning, item quantification, and tag creation.

Our team collaborated closely with Beattie Passive to ensure the seamless integration of BP Automation Tools into their existing workflows. Through a series of workshops, KOPE gained valuable insights into their current processes. As a result, the plugin was tailor-made to cater to their unique requirements, resulting in an efficient, user-friendly workflow that consistently performs to their high standards.

Auto-dimensioning in Revit

A standout feature of BP Automation Tools was its specialised functionality for modular housing. The plugin accurately automates tasks that are unique to Beattie Passive's modular housing design, ensuring faster and more precise results. With the tool at their disposal, Beattie Passive can now take on more projects and shorten the production period. What used to take weeks to design and process can now be accomplished with remarkable ease.

“What you’ve done in 30 minutes is impressive; It normally takes us four weeks to do that.”

In collaboration with Beattie Passive, our team collated their extensive design and modelling information and crafted a comprehensive set of standards tailored to their specific needs. By analysing existing practices and conducting collaborative workshops, KOPE successfully created a unified template that promotes consistency, efficiency, and accuracy. This not only allows the plugin to work as efficiently as possible but also empowers Beattie Passive with the necessary tools to consistently deliver exceptional results.


The implementation of BP Automation Tools enables huge amounts of timesaving on each client project for Beattie Passive. This allows them to take on more projects and set them apart from their competitors. Moreover, the utilisation of this plugin significantly reduced human errors, guaranteeing accuracy at every stage of the design process.

Overall, BP Automation Tools enables and enhancement in Beattie Passive's ability to meet client demands efficiently, while also improving the design process and expediting turnaround times. By automating repetitive tasks, the team could allocate more time and energy to high-level design, resulting in the creation of exceptional modular housing solutions of the utmost quality.