Team and Culture
June 11, 2024

The KOPE Roadmap: our journey and destination

by Amber Hatten
Example H2

At KOPE it's been an exciting journey so far in the sales team. I started as the first Lead Sales Executive, taking over some mind-blowing work done by our amazing growth team who set up a place for sales to take the reins. In the space of less than half a year, we have slowly expanded into the US and Canada, both in physical team and outreach, and we shall continue to branch outwards to other continents and countries.

I think this blog is a great chance to give readers some insight and behind-the-scenes knowledge as to what we are doing at KOPE.

The journey so far:

In the UK and US, we have been connecting with the Offsite manufacturing industry and introducing them to both the KOPE configurator and KOPE Market. The two run hand in hand, with the end goal of bringing all project teams together. I'll look to explain this later on, but I'll provide some more context first.

Our team has a roadmap, which consists of purely working with Offsite manufacturers and suppliers in 2024. At present, we have been working with SIPs and precast concrete suppliers to perfect how KOPE reads into each individual product's rules and how they populate within an architectural model.

We can do this quickly and easily; the way we research the breadth of the market allows us to find commonalities, of which we then identify areas that differentiate each SIPs product from the rest of the product category market. The above results in having smooth onboarding for each customer. The next product categories are LGSF, timber framing, facades, bathroom pods, M&E, volumetric modular, and more. Again, this will follow the same process when it's time in the year for the team to reach out to said customers.

It's been insightful for someone like myself as I am learning about so many sustainable products and enhancing my knowledge in every conversation. I also feel it's important to learn directly from the supplier, so attending factory tours, seminars and listening to presentations, are all excellent ways to get my teeth stuck into the products we want to digitalize.

We have certainly had a lot of interest from the specifiers and procurement market; with our road map in place we need to ensure we have as many digitized products as possible to really serve what's needed. With this in mind, for now, we are guiding these customers to KOPE Market. Firstly, it has been incredibly helpful for designers that are narrowing down manufacturers and creating their own 'supply chains', and secondly promoting said suppliers to a wider network by showcasing their business.

At KOPE, we want to help create a level playing field and introduce different personas to one another. It's completely understandable that we all tend to stick to our favored or safe products, but sometimes, when those don't suit the project, KOPE Market can show you some alternatives and save time in what could be a lengthy researching process.

When we begin to reach the end of our manufacturers outreach roadmap, and all product categories have been completed, KOPE will be ready for specifiers and contractors to utilize our platform – it all comes together!

In conclusion:

It's an incredible time for Offsite construction, and with our team ensuring we support our customers and listen intently to get our platform right the first time round, we'll only be flying higher than before as we move into the latter half of 2024. We are collaborating with some groundbreaking businesses to onboard them, so please reach out to us so we can get the ball rolling to transform your workflows!