Mark Thorley

July 20, 2022

matterlab announce seed investment in KOPE

Since 2020, we have been refocusing our efforts within matterlab, developing our flagship product KOPE to solve many of the hurdles companies experience when moving to offsite construction. Today, we are pleased to announce our next round of investment of £1.7m bringing our total funding to just over £2m. This round involved a selection of high-profile investors, including executives at Halkin Private Capital, Goldman Sachs, Freshstream, Enscape, ilke Homes and Recast, in addition to international corporate investors Addnode Group and Barton Malow Ventures.

What began off the back of a small product consultancy, we have now grown to a team of 25 talented people around Europe. Our core capabilities around design automation, optimisation and generative design have been enhanced with our experiences and new team members coming from the volumetric and offsite industry.

Our KOPE platform has quickly grown in capability since its beta launch in 2020 and is now used by a series of contractors, manufacturers and volumetric-modular house builders. KOPE allows those involved in all aspects of building to view, test and apply manufacturing logic directly into their projects.

KOPE includes a first in class Optimisation Engine allowing the simultaneous testing of multiple building systems within the same design, as well as our production automation system capable of outputting the required content for the easy adoption of offsite elements such as drawings, models, machine files, packing and logistics information, schedules and specifications.

Our vision is to allow anyone, on any construction project, direct access to offsite products and systems enabling them to apply those to their designs instantly, with minimal reworking. We are supporting our partners in doing what they do best; designing beautiful, functional, efficient and environmentally responsible spaces in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. To do this, we must resolve logistical and design challenges on projects while facilitating the key connections between supplier and consumer that is sorely missing in the offsite space.

Following a global pandemic, the construction industry now faces a magnitude of problems such as a changing workforce, cost uncertainty and an ever-worsening climate crisis. With institutional investment in the offsite construction sector and growing support and legislation from Governments around the world, there has never been a better opportunity to make a seismic change in the industry. As problem solvers and technical thinkers, we feel we are perfectly placed to build the software that changes the face of construction.

Read more about our investment in Build in Digital.

If you want to learn more about KOPE and how businesses are already leveraging KOPE to move activities offsite then please reach out at

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