Feature Update
April 22, 2024

A single Offsite Market. Multiple locations.

by Jon Arnott
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Spring has sprung, and with it comes a set of exciting updates from KOPE! We've been crafting enhancements behind the scenes to make your experience with our platform smoother and more enjoyable than ever before. Today, we're thrilled to unveil these changes, which are a direct result of your valuable feedback and insights and are designed to elevate your journey through KOPE.

Smoother Navigation, Seamless Experience

Our updated user interface now boasts a sleek and intuitive unified design that allows you to switch seamlessly between our different applications across the KOPE platform.

Whether you're exploring our Market, applying products to your projects, or managing your account settings, transitioning between platform solutions has never been easier. Plus, with the introduction of geographic selection, you can effortlessly switch between key locations like the USA, Canada, UK, and (soon-to-launch) South American markets, ensuring you find the perfect Offsite products tailored to your needs.

Discover Offsite Products with Ease

At KOPE, we believe in making product discovery as effortless as possible. Our search feature doesn’t require you to login, and allows you to browse and discover a wide range of Offsite products hassle-free. So you can get straight to finding the perfect products for your projects.

Keep an eye out for future updates as we refine our platform, making Offsite products more central to the KOPE experience and aligning with our vision of bringing Products to Projects.

Building on Success: Previous Updates

In addition to our latest enhancements, we've also made strides in simplifying categorization for products. Our revamped structure ensures you can quickly find Offsite products based on their categories without getting lost in endless lists.

Plus, with BIM content available for download directly from product pages, KOPE Market truly becomes the single destination for all your product data and information needs.

Experience the Difference

These updates are a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible experience when sourcing Offsite organizations and products. We're dedicated to empowering you with the tools and features you need to succeed in specifying and procuring Offsite products.

Are you ready to explore the enhanced capabilities of our platform?

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As we embrace the spirit of spring, we invite you to join us on this journey of innovation and improvement. With these exciting updates, KOPE continues to evolve, ensuring that your experience remains at the forefront of our priorities.

We're grateful for your feedback and support, which drive us to push boundaries and deliver excellence. Here's to a season of growth, discovery, and flourishing partnerships.

Happy exploring!

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