KOPE Market is the leading marketplace for Offsite Construction, connecting builders, suppliers and consultants while showcasing the positive outcomes achieved by high quality projects and products.

We act local, building regional marketplaces, to create a global connection network within the industry. Our two main markets are: UK/Ireland and North America:

Servicing the UK and Ireland, MMC Market was built in partnership with Cast Consultancy and leverages their considerable industry knowledge and experience.

Focusing on the United States and Canada, Offsite Market gives access to a huge sector for prefabrication across both countries.

Our partner - Cast

Cast is a specialist construction consultancy providing solutions for developers, investors, policymakers and the supply chain.

Cast set out to increase transparency and grow confidence in the sector's ability to fund, develop and construct successfully utilising modern methods of construction. In tandem with the KOPE team, we continue to support the industry.


KOPE Market relates to our localised marketplaces where industry professionals can connect their project needs directly with suppliers providing products and systems to advance the growth of offsite construction.

These marketplaces are like Google for offsite. You can quickly search and filter solutions, manufacturers, consultants and projects to find to the most relevant information. The data is also structured to allow those procuring a solution to find and interrogate products in a consistent manner, while also allowing manufacturers to find their place in the broader industry.

1,000+ manufacturers, consultants and projects registered

500+ manufacturing facilities accessed in our live maps

250+ consultants and their projects

Live mapping to discover suppliers nearby your projects

Directly access company and product certifications

Dynamic 3D models to demonstrate product flexibility

For Project Teams
For Suppliers

Benefits for Project Teams

Explore the Offsite Industry

Gain visibility of the industry and give all project teams the consistent access to the best suppliers in the industry.

Learn about suppliers’ experience, certifications and product capabilities.

Leverage the most complete and exhaustive database for offsite with intelligently interlinked data allowing easy navigation.

Interact with live 3D models to investigate product flexibility for you project

Understand the capabilities and opportunities when adopting offsite solutions, always within the bounds of the manufacturers intent, to unlock maximum project benefits.

Compare and connect with suppliers and products

Compare suppliers and products alongside one another, while gaining greater insights by accessing live manufacturer's specs, capacity, prices and factory locations.

Select the best solutions.

Understand the performance of different products and systems and interrogate suitability for your project requirements.

Manage your Supply Chain centrally

Create and manage your own supply chains whether for an upcoming project, a certain geographic area or a company-wide approved list.

Benefits for Suppliers

Free registration

Register your organisation in our platform for free and become part of the largest marketplace for Offsite Construction.

Showcase your products and get seen by the industry.

Build brand awareness in the growing offsite sector, gain greater market exposure and allow current your customers to configure and visualise your product online.

Display live 3D models to demonstrate product flexibility and guidelines.

Support project teams in understanding product capabilities and constraints and provide them with your latest data without managing a large library of content.

Targeted Marketing

Create customized marketing campaigns on our search engine platform to get seen by the industry, connect directly with project teams and generate sales opportunities.

Win Work and scale your business

With your products being seen by more project teams, we help you get specified more, helping to grow your business and make more products.

Engage the industry

Stay relevant and build collaborative relationships with specifiers and industry bodies.