KOPE Lab is our full-service digital transformation consultancy and innovation lab.

Combining deep knowledge of industry practices with new technologies, we are revolutionizing the processes used within organizations to transform the way people work.

We boost our clients' productivity by tackling fragmented information, communication barriers, outdated technologies and inefficient processes.

To solve these issues, we design and build tailored solutions that enable the integration, automation and customisation of design and construction data.

Our solutions facilitate improved working methods and information exchange to reduce risk, lower costs, and improve construction's carbon impact.

Digital Strategy

Achieving your business vision and goals whilst scaling and growing demands a strategic roadmap. We have helped numerous companies transform how they operate and utilise the latest technology and processes to their advantage.

BIM Strategy and Documentation

Our extensive, real-world experience with BIM processes and tools sets us apart from the competition. We can help you with your strategy and implementation through to Information Management.

Generative Design

Generative Design is a goal-driven approach to design that leverages automation to give designers a better insight into their designs. We've worked with Autodesk, and others, to develop Generative Design in their organisations.

Custom Development

Software development is one of our core areas of expertise. Using our three-stage process, we can help you build brilliant solutions that remove the pain points in your daily duties or streamline your broader operations.

Information Management

Information Management (IM) strategies and services are imperative to keep accurate records, make informed decisions and move your business forward with information.


At KOPE Lab, we work with you to streamline workflows and improve productivity by automating manual processes and integrating disparate solutions. As a team, we are dedicated to helping businesses within the built environment successfully implement digital transformation projects, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Automate manual tasks

Reduce errors, save time, and increase productivity, including enhancing the accuracy and consistency of tasks, resulting in improved operational efficiency and reduced costs.

Reduce human error and save time

Ensure correct and consistent information is available across all drawings, documents and models, helping your business to mitigate risk and avoid errors that can lead to costly mistakes.

Focus on higher-value tasks

Empower your teams to do their best work and focus on their passion by freeing them from repetitive, low-value tasks.

Integrate solutions seamlessly

Creation of scalable solutions that integrate disparate programs to enable the exchange of data and enhance processes without the laborious workload

Improve collaborative working

Seamlessly exchange information and collaborate with other parties to optimise workflows and ensure positive project outcomes.

Reduce your costs of delivery

Helping you increase your teams efficiency, implement faster turnaround times and scale your business without massively growing overheads.

Who we do this for.

Design firms
Housing Associations