The built environment is one of the world’s largest asset classes and the sector spend equates to 13% of the world’s entire GDP.

Global construction values are expected to continually grow at around 3.5% per annum, year on year, reaching $15t by 2030.

With that said though, the construction industry is largely inefficient, with low productivity and digitisation. As our need for infrastructure, housing and energy continues to accelerate, those around the world tasked with delivering it are under increasing pressure to produce faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Continuing in the same way will undermine our society’s ability to deliver the critical, social and physical infrastructure we need in the future to sustain our growing population.

Offsite construction has been promoted as a way of solving some of the issues around an ageing workforce and shortage of skilled labour, a housing crisis and poor environmental practices within the industry.

However, the construction industry must address and overcome significant challenges to realize the productivity and efficiency gains promised by offsite construction.

Whilst the use of offsite solutions has increased over the past decade, there remains a gap in understanding and confidence among developers and construction clients about the solutions and the competent supply chain available to deliver better outcomes, with only 3% of projects contributing worldwide.

This number is set to grow significantly over the coming years, with 8% of all projects being offsite by 2030 and 15% of all projects by 2035, passing $1.2t in gross value. This will cause a seismic shift in existing value pools impacting all stakeholders across the sector. By 2030, offsite manufacturers are expected to capture $360b for their products and systems alone.


Global GDP

The construction sector spend equates to 13% of the world’s entire GDP


Construction spend

Global construction spend is expected to continually grow at around 3.5% per annum, year on year, reaching $15t by 2030


Growth in Offsite Construction Sector by 2030


Offsite Construction Project Value in 2030

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